You are the genie in the bottle
The law of manifestation
Written by Frank La Macchia

The genie represents our spiritual nature, our highest consciousness.
The bottle represents the physical world around us.
The cork is a symbol of our beliefs, our ego personality, our inner critic.
It is these beliefs that can free us or limit us.

How would you feel if you knew that you were the co- creator of your life and that you are manifesting in your life right now?
As a metaphysician and professional musician, my own personal experiences and knowledge conclusively supports documented research and what has been known for centuries – that we have this amazing power of manifestation.

Over the years, hundreds of people have asked me how they, too, can manifest in their lives. The simple answer is, that you already are manifesting – as a result of what you continually focus and think about. We do it consciously or unconsciously throughout our lives. Sometimes unfortunately we end up with things or circumstances that we don’t necessarily want and wonder how they prevailed. We almost wish we had the power of hindsight to help us with simple solutions to some perplexing problems.

The good news is, you can actually transform hindsight into foresight, which can be accessed by being still, tuning in and listening to what your feelings are telling you. Foresight is resting in your deepest truth with the rest of the qualities of faith, belief, passion, trust, love and miracles – just to name a few, and of course whatever you perceive God or the Universe to be. It resides in this common space of silence that we can all access. If you want to know where to find it, look inside your own heart, all too often the last place we look. In your own heart, the hours are 24/7 and no appointment is required. Simply place your hand on your heart, and wait for your feelings to show you in. Once you are in, communicate with them and listen carefully with full awareness and observation.
The other main character that comes along for the ride on our journey, if we allow it to is fear. This is all the doubts and uncertainties that we may or may not acknowledge. Fear is best mates with criticism, judgment and some of the other destructive crew like guilt, shame and worry. The comedian of the ship is laziness who only shows up on Sundays. They all party and sail on the ship of illusion and are the experts in helping you get what you don’t want. The ship is called ‘EGO ROCKS’. If you want to know where to find the ship then go for a cruise, look inside your own mind and I bet you they’ll be there with bells on. They do anything to keep you from your heart because they intuitively know that darkness (fear) disappears in the presence of light (love).

A lot of people focus on and think about what they don’t want instead of focusing on what they do want.

Another question that is often asked is “how did I get what I did not want”???

It’s well known that what is focused on in thought, expands. So if you focus on the problem, the negativity of the problem expands, if you focus on the solution, the solution expands, problem solved. It’s really that simple. In fact it’s so simple that a lot of people don’t buy it until you make it complicated.




… Ok here’s a classic example on how our focus expands.

Reticular Activation System also known as RAS

I know you’ve experienced buying something new, lets say for this example a car. Now think back, did you suddenly start to see that particular car everywhere you looked? Now your model car may have been released months or years before you purchased it, but here’s the interesting thing, you became more aware of it when you focused on it as a priority.

I’m sure you can think of other examples, but the point here is, what you focus on and prioritise starts to expand. If you consciously or unconsciously express and prioritise negative or positive thoughts, visualizations, expressions and actions then that’s what you will see or experience most of. It’s the same game as buying a new car and seeing it everywhere after you purchased it. If you start thinking of all the positive aspects of yourself you will start to see more and more positive qualities not only in yourself, but also in others. This will also start to balance and enhance your self worth.

Here is how this works in more detail

The mind is an inborn quality, an instrument that when it is used in a focused way starts to create events in our lives. It does not discriminate or judge what you focus on. It doesn’t know whether it’s something you want or don’t want. It just simply understands, “let’s go for it”. This is why it’s imperative to observe what you are thinking, saying and what you continually focus on. When you put your energy and thoughts into something you don’t want, you actually start creating more of what you don’t want. In other words if you stay on the boat ‘EGO ROCKS’ you will eventually invest your energy and slowly but surely become those thoughts. Let us examine some classic thought processes that can be clearly and only heard from the boat ‘EGO ROCKS’. “You watch, I’ll bet you I’ll make a mistake in my speech tonight”. “You’re an idiot, I can’t have that, I don’t deserve it”. “Oh no!, its winter and here comes the cold”. “It’s just too hard I’ll never get it”. And the most popular statement is,” I can’t do that. ! WHAT WILL THEY THINK”? This last statement can really stop you from getting what you want. It can also help you become the manifestation of somebody else’s reality. In other words, you may live somebody else’s truth rather than your own. Seek advice not approval

I’m sure you can come up with many more examples of your own. How on earth are any of the above thoughts going to help you achieve what you do want??? How will “it’s just too hard, I’ll never get it” going to help you get it???? If you keep sending out negative energy and thought patterns to yourself and the world, you will keep seeing that energy in your own life. But you see, we often say and do things unconsciously – or even consciously – without being aware of what the consequences are. You cannot manifest abundance from thoughts of “I have nothing in my life”. You will start to create more of having nothing. And you know, it’s not what you want.

The story of the two wolves

An old man is telling his grandson about a struggle that is going on inside himself. He said it is between two wolves. One is evil, anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego. The other is good, Joy, peace, Love, hope, sincerity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf wins?” The grandfather simply replied, “the one I feed”

Author unknown


One way of knowing what you’ve been focusing on is by observing what you have in your life right now. Reflect for a few minutes on your life and ask yourself, how have I contributed to what I have in my life?



Written by Frank La Macchia. Edited by Journalist, Katrina Tauro.

 Most people will ask themselves at some point in their life: “What is a soulmate?” Most people spend their whole lives looking for what they believe to be, their other half, or their soulmate. But what does that really mean?

We go in depth with Frank, to not only answer this question, but also, to find the purpose of a soulmate and whether or not you can only have one soulmate throughout your lifetime.



Some say it’s when you feel a connection with someone from the first meeting.

Others say:

‘It’s sharing your deepest connection of peace and love on a spiritual, emotional, physical and mental level’ 

‘Someone who allows you to be yourself, encourages self growth and can hold your space when you are not at your best’

‘Someone who loves you unconditionally’

Some are convinced that a soulmate is an inner part of themselves at a higher conscious level.

Although this can be true, this question takes me back to my early metaphysical college days where the soul was defined as the mediator between the physical and spiritual dimensions. I define spiritual dimensions as a higher consciousness, wisdom and personal belief of the universe. So, a soulmate for me is a disguised mediator showing me the way to the light (higher consciousness). Someone who helps me become the best that I can be. Someone who pushes my buttons to help me evolve and heal.



What is the purpose of a Soulmate?

Marianne Williamson has said that every thing we do is either an act of love or a cry for help. That’s what a soulmate does for you–they are there to love you AND to help you when you cry for help. They also have the ability to “press your buttons” and this is for your highest good.

In my experience wisdom has come from my teachers, intimate partners, friends and family and the greatness of nature. Not every experience has been pleasant. In fact some of the most unpleasant experiences have been my greatest learning experiences. One of my great teachers always reminded me that every experience holds a lesson. And isn’t it true that whilst you are going through an experience, you may not see the lesson, but then in hindsight it becomes clear as day. My soulmates have helped me become who I am today.

How many soulmates do we experience in our lifetime?

I believe that everyone that enters your life can be a soulmate at some level. I believe the deepest level of a soulmate happens in intimate relationships. This is because unresolved issues that are within you have a greater chance of coming to the surface in intimate relationships. The greatest pleasure and the greatest healing also happens in intimate relationships.

 When you delve deeply into the world of compassion and forgiveness, you will see soulmates in a complete different light







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Could your mood and confidence do with a lift? Your partners? Your teenager? Do you suffer from STRESS even though at times you feel it’s without a real reason? We are going to explore the connection between mood, stress and your POSTURE.


In our video, we looked at how poor head POSTURE, in particular forward head posture (FHP) affects the structure of the neck due to the compressive loading forces on the neck over time. The innate intelligence of your body responds to this load or stress by laying more bone down to try and stabilise the area. This Chiropractic BioPhysics research has shown FHP to not only aggravate arthritis but more than likely cause it.


The implications of poor posture are far-reaching. In our office we are seeing more and more people with postural issues, in fact, we get several new people a week with this one concern.  Today we are going to look at how FHP is linked to emotional stress and we are going to look at some interesting research around posture and mood, confidence and mental state.




Slumping And Its Consequences On Your Quality Of Life


When we slump forward (sitting at the desk, tapping away at our phones or laptops) our brain thinks we are in a flight or fight posture and that there's a perceived threat. This posture, the rounded shoulders, head forward, tense shoulders is the perfect posture if you are about to fight or run for your life. It’s been a few generations, but not long ago in the history of humankind, that we have had to save ourselves from the jaws of wild animals.


"When we slump forward, our brain thinks we are in a flight or fight posture and that there's a perceived threat."


In the city the threats are not wild animals, but perhaps our boss or our relationships, the bank or the traffic! When we are in this state of stress or ‘sympathetic dominance’ then we have different chemicals in our bodies, we have elevated stress chemicals, largely cortisol. When we run from the lion, and as long as we don’t get caught -all that running gets those stress chemicals down. With our modern living the perceived threat can remain!


Poor posture from of prolonged time sitting at the computer, tapping away at phones and laptops can make the brain think that there is a perceived threat. This postural change can in turn cause emotional stress over time - it's a definite case of which one came first, the chicken or the egg.


So what is the answer?


We need to interrupt and break this cycle of poor posture. We have a few blogs on our website: to help you with improving your posture.


"The answer for less distress is to interrupt and break this cycle of poor posture."


Let’s look at some research about mood and posture.


1. In 2015 the Journal of Health Psychology they did a study on posture and stress. There were 74 participants that were divided into two groups. The first group was placed in a slumped posture and secured there with strapping tape. The other group were in a good upright posture and secured there with strapping tape. Both groups were asked to do a series of tasks where they were measuring their reading, speech, self-esteem and perceived threat.


The upright group had ‘increased self esteem, more arousal, better mood and lower fear.’ The slumped group had used ‘more negative emotion words, sadness words, first person singular pronouns, decrease positive emotion words.’


2. International Journal of Business and Social Science (2) found that posture extends to cognitive processing. People with upright postures have higher levels of perceived leadership and have increased confidence.


3. Psychological Science (3) stated that maintaining a ‘power posture’, for two minutes a day helps to increase confidence and build resilience.


This power posture ‘causes neuroendocrine and behavioural changes including elevations in testosterone and reduction in cortisol.’


If your mood, self confidence and stress levels need improving then posture is a great way to start. Improving your posture will not fix all your problems, but it  will reduce the physical load on your body that.



Just like we don’t need these extra bag of potatoes on our back


When our head is sitting on our shoulders it weighs approximately 5 kg


When the head sits at:


15 degrees the head now weighs 12.3kg


30 degrees the head now weighs 18.2kg


45 degrees the head now weighs 22.3kg


60 degrees the head now weighs 27.3kg



Feel free to call us on 9329 1118 if you require a postural check.

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(1) Nair S, Sagar M, Sollers J, Consedine N, and Broadbent E (2015), “Do slumped and upright postures affect stress responses? A randomized trial.” Health Psychology 2015 Jun;34(6):632-41. doi: 10.1037/hea0000146. Epub 2014 Sep 15


(2) Arnette, S. & Pettijohn, T. (2012) The Effects of Posture on Self- Perceived Leadership.               International Journal of Business and Social Science, 3(14) 8-13.


(3) Carney et al. (2010) Power posing, brief non-verbal displays affect neuroendocrine levels and risk tolerance. Psychological Science, 21(10) 1363-1368.