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What is a Soulmate?

Most people will ask themselves at some point in their life: “What is a soulmate?” Most people spend their whole lives looking for what they believe to be, their other half, or their soulmate. But what does that really mean?

We go in depth with Frank, to not only answer this question, but also, to find the purpose of a soulmate and whether or not you can only have one soulmate throughout your lifetime.


Some say it’s when you feel a connection with someone from the first meeting.

Others say:

‘It’s sharing your deepest connection of peace and love on a spiritual, emotional, physical and mental level’

‘Someone who allows you to be yourself, encourages self growth and can hold your space when you are not at your best’

‘Someone who loves you unconditionally’

Some are convinced that a soulmate is an inner part of themselves at a higher conscious level.

Although this can be true, this question takes me back to my early metaphysical college days where the soul was defined as the mediator between the physical and spiritual dimensions. I define spiritual dimensions as a higher consciousness, wisdom and personal belief of the universe. So, a soulmate for me is a disguised mediator showing me the way to the light (higher consciousness). Someone who helps me become the best that I can be. Someone who pushes my buttons to help me evolve and heal.

What is the purpose of a Soulmate?

Marianne Williamson has said that every thing we do is either an act of love or a cry for help. That’s what a soulmate does for you–they are there to love you AND to help you when you cry for help. They also have the ability to “press your buttons” and this is for your highest good.

In my experience wisdom has come from my teachers, intimate partners, friends and family and the greatness of nature. Not every experience has been pleasant. In fact some of the most unpleasant experiences have been my greatest learning experiences. One of my great teachers always reminded me that every experience holds a lesson. And isn’t it true that whilst you are going through an experience, you may not see the lesson, but then in hindsight it becomes clear as day. My soulmates have helped me become who I am today.

How many soulmates do we experience in our lifetime?

I believe that everyone that enters your life can be a soulmate at some level. I believe the deepest level of a soulmate happens in intimate relationships. This is because unresolved issues that are within you have a greater chance of coming to the surface in intimate relationships. The greatest pleasure and the greatest healing also happens in intimate relationships.

When you delve deeply into the world of compassion and forgiveness, you will see soulmates in a complete different light.

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