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About Frank

Frank draws upon a lifetime of research & experience, combining Neuroscientific evidence & Psychological principles, with Metaphysical & Complementary therapies including Holistic Counselling, Life Coaching & NLP to delve deeper into the psyche and achieve remarkable results.

Frank is a qualified and experienced:

  • Life coach

  • Holistic Counsellor

  • Meditation teacher

  • The author of ‘Meditation for Beginners’, JoJo Publishing

Frank's unique style & combination of evidence-based Eastern and Western philosophies and techniques help:

  • Identify & resolve unwanted issues that may create anxiety, anger, fear, guilt, and other mind and physical ailments. 

  • Identify personal issues and life goals, using tailor-made self-development strategies.

The aim and intention with all my programs and workshops is to help my clients live a happy and fulfilled life.”. Frank


As a Facilitator in well-being and self-development workshops around Australia and overseas and a consultant in corporate training workshops, he has also appeared on TV, radio, theatre, concerts, and at university lectures.

Alongside Frank’s counselling/coaching work he is in demand for running workshops in:

  • Meditation and relaxation

  • Mindset programming

  • Finding your passion

  • Relationship Dejavu (a workshop for singles)

My book and CD, ‘Meditation for Beginners’, was published by JoJo Publishing and sells through Amazon.

Meditation for beginners


  • Accredited Root Cause Therapy Practitioner

  • Accredited Holistic Counselling Diploma (AHHCA) 

  • Accredited Holistic Meditation Facilitation, Holistic Stress Management and Personal Growth Facilitation Certificates (AHHCA) 

  • Accredited Life Coaching Diploma

  • Accredited Public speaking Certificate

  • Accredited Assessment and Workplace Training, Certificate IV

  • Relationship Coaching Certificate

  • Mindfulness for anxiety certificate

  • Qi Gong Stillness Meditation certificate

  • Metaphysics Certificates from the Australian College of metaphysical studies:

  • Metaphysics in action

  • Metaphysics & Communication

  • The Metaphysical Significance of the Arts

Using a Touch Phone


Call or email me now and I will organise a time for you.

I’m looking forward to helping you.

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