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Spiritual Astrology

What is my soul purpose?

Why I am here?

What career path should I take?

How can I use my energy more effectively?

These are the most commonly asked questions in spiritual astrology today. Another common query is the difference between astrology and spiritual astrology.

Astrology is a many faceted and complex science, which has not been done justice by simplified sun sign - commonly referred to as star sign- interpretations or predictions. Many influences in the natal (personal) birth chart, other than the sun sign, amount to vast differences in character, circumstances and spiritual pathways between people born under the same sign. Only an experienced astrologer, not even a simple computer print out, can really bring the interpretation of those various aspects into a coherent and workable whole.

In our fight for survival, our ego/personality tends to lead us astray from our larger connection and purpose. The ego is also known as the little self, negative self and destructive self. “Personality” comes from the word “persona” which means mask in Latin. The ego is often the mask we wear consciously or even unconsciously that hides us from the truth of who we are and what’s really going on. Collectively, we have devised cultural living styles, which take us further and further from the truth of who we really are, and propel us into further alienation not only from our world but from our deepest selves. Yet always, under the weight and tyranny of conventional unaware survival mechanisms, cries the small hidden, but never destructible little voice: "Why am I here?", "What is my purpose"? "How and where do I find fulfillment?" Regardless of the answers, these questions themselves point us to look at the greater picture of our existence.

Spiritual astrology can help us understand our connection between the human and divine, as it maps out the soul's journey and assists with the alignment of the personality with soul knowledge and universal wisdom. In other words it links us to the energy that brought us here in the first place. It helps clarify life direction and soul purpose, reframes difficulties as challenges and explains how each particular personality make up and set of life circumstances is ideal in order to facilitate the soul's planetary contribution (purpose). The so called negative events or painful life lessons we experience for example become mapped as essential corner stones in developing the strengths that we need to develop to reach our utmost potential. When we consciously engage with our lessons, rather than try and run from them, we reap enormous benefits and move through the rough patches more smoothly and ultimately we are more in control of our own destiny.

One area which is frequently overlooked in standard astrological interpretations, but which is of vital, if not primary importance in a spiritually based reading, is the importance of the sign and placement of the moon's nodal axis in the individual's chart known as south and north nodes. The south node tells us where we are coming from and how we best can use the talents we brought with us from our past into our present. The north node informs us about our present and future life quests, the areas in which we are seeking growth, and what we need to develop in order to come into the realisation of our fullest potential.

Harmony is when the mind and heart agree on

heading in the same direction.

Free flow

Consciously working with our nodal axis at times of important life choices can prevent much suffering in our life, and bring us the joy and the excitement that accompanies the feeling of being on track. The world opens up to us, and we walk into ever expanding opportunities, rather than stubbornly bumping into obstacles. When you look at a road map and see your destination point clearly, you also see many possible ways of getting to the same point. It is then your choice which road you take isn’t it? While you may not really know what’s going to happen along the way, you definitely have a better idea of where you are heading. A spiritual astrology chart works the same way. It can show you the way home if and when you’re ready. The chart gives you clear choices and you make the decisions. It’s that simple. The astrological chart acts as a blueprint or basic map out of certain aspects of your life journey. This includes what you may be holding onto unconsciously from the past that is affecting you in moving forward. Instead of walking around in the dark wondering why you have conflicting energies within yourself or why life is such a battle, you can recognize the limiting patterns of behavior and choose to make adjustments for a better outcome. The chart also shows you how to harness your personal strengths that support you on your true soul journey.

How can I use my energy more effectively?

You can start by watching what typically happens when important transitions or opportunities arise in our life that relate to our soul's path. In these situations we generally are faced with a mixture of anticipation and excitement - north node- on the one hand, and fear and desire to withdraw - south node- on the other. Most people experience change as stressful, since it propels us into the unknown. But while the desire to regress to modes of known, outdated forms of behavior is instinctive, it ultimately proves to be unsatisfactory. To find satisfaction and peace, we must consider in both everyday or major life choices, whether our decisions are congruent with the purpose and promise of our soul purpose (north node).

Are my decisions congruent with the purpose and promise of my soul purpose (north node)?

Personal examples from the writers.

Frank has south node in Capricorn and north node in Cancer.

Capricorn being an earth sign relates to the material world. The Capricorn soul path lies in the outer world of career, social standing and success. Classic Capricorn traits are will power, discipline, organisation and devotion to duty.

In Frank’s early life what came naturally were the Capricorn south node traits. He enjoyed early professional success and ready recognition in the outer world. This however, was often at the expense of being emotionally truthful, a willingness to connect intimately or to be seen as emotionally vulnerable.

Cancer, on the other hand, being a water sign, seeks soul peace through the world of emotions. Classic cancer traits include sensitivity, nurturing, emotional protectiveness of self and others. In order to embrace his true soul path, Frank had to learn to be more honest within himself and to let others know how he felt. Through this his connections with others now are on much deeper spiritual levels. While still being able to draw on his natural Capricorn talents to be at ease in the world, he combines the Cancerian north node traits by helping others getting in touch with their own inner self.

Raymonde has a south node in Gemini and north node in Sagittarius.

Gemini being an air sign relates to the mental realm. The Gemini soul path lies in acquiring information, processing data from varied sources, and juxtaposing the dual aspects of light and dark. Typical Gemini traits include fast thinking, educational aptitude, two sidedness and changeability. In accordance with her South Node, Raymonde in the early part of her life, pursued knowledge through both conventional and alternative forms of education, seeking out many teachers to satisfy her natural desire for learning. She soon discovered however, that no amount of academic knowledge would satisfy her real soul hunger for a higher wisdom which transcended her everyday world.

To find real peace she needed to follow her north node purpose. Sagittarius, being a fire sign, is concerned with the work of spirit. Its expression is derived directly from feeling and intuiting truth, rather than from linear thought. It is linked to studies of the higher realms of the mind and to both inner (self-knowledge) and outer journeying (travel, esoteric study). Still able to draw on the vast knowledge base acquired through her south node gifts, she now is an inspired spiritual teacher, traveler and explorer of the higher mind, who shares her wisdom in order to assists others to uncover the divine essence within themselves.

Note, please keep in mind that making changes in new directions can take time. You may be going against traits, attitudes and habits that are deeply ingrained.

Raymonde Leeumans the director of Alpha Omega College and teacher of the diploma in holistic counseling and diploma in psycho spiritual healing.

Frank La Macchia is the director Life Coaching & Holistic Counselling Australia.

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