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The turnaround in my life since meeting Frank in a meditation class over 6 years ago is phenomenal. Within a reasonably short period of time, I realised I was on an unfulfilling corporate career path, stressed, in a relationship I shouldn’t have been in and was pretty much going through the motions of life. Wow, how my life is now so different!

I now work in the wellness field myself, helping others change their lives with hypnotherapy, and I love what I do. I can’t imagine myself not working in this arena now. Thank you so much, Frank, for planting those seeds and for your support in many ways. Through the classes, workshops and many discussions, it’s been an amazing positive journey and one I’m excited to still be on. No more just plodding along. I get to create my life now!

Wendy Gadsby
NLP Master Practitioner & Certified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy

“A few years ago, I attended one of Frank’s workshops and found it enhanced both my personal and professional life. I learnt to view myself, the world and everyone in it from a deeper place of love, truth and compassion. The cornerstone to inner happiness and peace.


For anyone who recognizes that life is a journey of growth and self-discovery, I have no doubt that you will benefit from attending Frank’s workshops or personal coaching sessions. Everyone deserves to live a life of nothing less than extraordinary. Frank will inspire you to turn what you may feel is impossible into the possible.”

Theresa Cassar

Business Manager


If Finding your Passion sounds like music to your ears, then Frank is your man. He explains metaphysics in a lovely & enjoyable way.

Ela Oki

Psychologist / Counsellor


"I have known Frank for over ten years; during this time, I have found the passion, focus and integrity in his approach to all things in his life to be admirable...As a facilitator, while working from the heart, he has a gift of inspiring and guiding others to connect with and identify their "true" self...Are you ready to work with your truth?
If so, allow Frank to inspire and guide you on this wonderful journey of self-discovery.
Jasmine Wotley, Counsellor



Frank embodies everything, which is truth, love and empowerment. Frank has shown me to look beyond the ego and fear to make decisions from the heart. A guardian angel in disguise.

Sonia Fazio Manager Michael Hil Jewelers.



Frank has been a big inspiration to me since day one. I feel lucky to have participated in his classes. His knowledge and education have helped me understand myself and many situations in life. He explained things so simply that it was easy and much fun.

George Karis Professional studio and live sound engineer.



When I first met Frank, I was completely blown away by his method and ability to connect to the inner soul. Frank really inspired me to be the best I can be....he is phenomenal.

Gino Mirable,

Director of Manhattan School of Music.


I first met Frank as he was marketing a new natural therapies book titled ‘It’s time for me’. From there, I developed a respect for his vision, knowledge and commitment to helping others.

Frank has also facilitated several workshops at the Australian School of Relaxation and Reflexology.

Frank is a professional who has excellent communication skills and demonstrates high standards in all his facilitation deliveries. He demonstrates this in the way he teaches, by adapting and responding to each individual’s needs. His presentation style is light, informative and fun.

Lyn Fava

Principal- ASRR

Managing Director- Perfect harmony Group PTY LTD.


I had one on one counselling sessions with Frank over several months. This was at a time when I had no direction and seemed quite lost. Frank helped me greatly, and my life has changed in positive ways since these sessions. The sessions were relaxed and informal, and I found it very easy to talk to him. He is a great listener and truly an inspiration to me. 

I have also attended various workshops facilitated by Frank and have found these workshops to be very informative and enjoyable. Frank is an amazing teacher and speaker. He understands his students/clients and always shows compassion and warmth

Julie Barca


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