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Root Cause Counselling for Anxiety

Mind Over Anxiety


Are you looking to overcome anxiety and achieve freedom? Understanding the root causes of anxiety is key to making progress. Let's explore where anxiety comes from and how to move past it.

After extensive study, research, and experience, I was personally able to treat and heal my own diagnosed anxiety and depression and able to find the meaning and purpose that was missing in my life. 


After 15 years of helping people with similar issues, I want to share my knowledge and experience with you.

By identifying the underlying causes of anxiety, you can understand why you feel, behave, and think like you do. This newfound understanding can help you feel more at ease in close relationships, feel accepted for your true self, and foster stronger connections with family and friends. 


The 8-week one-on-one Social Anxiety program Includes.

  • A complimentary 20-minute discovery call 

  • 8 - 1-hour sessions

  • Case studies, including my journey, that shows you what others have done to overcome their anxiety.

  • Understanding the root causes of anxiety

  • Tools and techniques that can help overcome anxiety.

  • Becoming aware of thoughts and beliefs that sabotage social freedom and tools and techniques that can help overcome them.

  • Email support between sessions.

  • Downloadable guided meditations to help you focus and relax, 

  • Recordings of every session so you can focus and engage during the session. 


With hand-picked resources, tools, and customised worksheets and practices to complete in between sessions, you'll know exactly what to do next.


If you require more sessions, they are readily available.


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