Frank’s past experience include a career in music and over 10 years teaching in the Education Department. Frank has performed thousands of live shows demonstrating his music, as well as facilitating wellbeing and self-development workshops around Australia and overseas. These live performances include; TV, radio, theatre, concerts, university lectures, consulting in corporate training and workshops.

His book and CD, ‘Meditation for Beginners’, was published by JoJo Publishing and sells through major outlets throughout Australia and overseas.


Some of the clients Frank has worked for in teaching, facilitating workshops and personal consulting for executives and individuals are as follows.

  • Education Department

  • Victoria University

  • Kangan Batman TAFE

  • Citibank Australia – Sydney

  • Nine Dots Marketing Australia

  • Norwegian Wind Cruise Line

  • Alpha Omega College

  • Westadd women and children drug and alcohol service

  • Manhattan School of Music

  • Sydenham and Caroline Springs Community Centres

  • Institute of Metaphysics

  • Genesis Solutions

  • Michael Hill Jeweller

  • Gandel Australia

  • Wellness Hubs Australia

  • Jo Jo Publishing

Qualifications: ​

  • Accredited Life Coaching Diploma 

  • AHHCA accredited Diploma in Holistic Counselling;

  • Accredited Relationship Coaching Certificate. 

  • AHHCA accredited certificates in holistic meditation facilitation, holistic stress management, personal growth facilitation and astrology

  • Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training

  • Certificate in Qi Gong level 1, Flying stork & Qi Gong Stillness Meditation

  • Completed facilitator training for the Institute of Metaphysics

  • Teacher training for the Education Department

  • Certificate in speaking in Public NCS014 of the State Training Board accredited, Diploma of Business Specialist/Industry 20053Vic

      About Frank La Macchia

  • Certified Life Coach

  • Certified Relationship Coach for Singles

  • Certified Holistic Counsellor

  • Author of ‘Meditation for Beginners’

  • Certified Wellbeing Workshop Facilitator & Public Speaker


Frank draws upon over 20 years experience in a diverse range of alternative therapies, self-development strategies, and the creative arts. He is a qualified relationship coach, life coach, holistic counsellor, meditation teacher, author of Meditation for Beginners, and professional musician. Alongside Frank’s counselling/coaching work he is in demand for running workshops in the following areas,

  • Meditation and relaxation

  • Mind set (new mindset = new results)

  • Finding your passion

  • Relationship Dejavu (a workshop for singles)