Relationship Counselling for Singles

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A proven program for singles that creates relationship success


Are you attracting the same types of partners such as emotionally unavailable or not committed and want to know why? Do you dream of having a loving relationship but feel it will never happen? I have the answers to those questions

5 reasons why my program

for singles can help you


Discovery session

You will learn 3 of the most important key facts that explain why you keep attracting the same types of partners or why you have attracted the partners you have in the past. This will help you close the gap between you and your ideal partner so you can achieve your relationship dream sooner.


A simple step by step 1-1 program

You get to work at your own pace with me using a step by step program that others have used to achieve relationship success. By working together, you get clear on what it is you want in a partner.

The right solutions can then be created for you to experience the relationship you have always wanted. Most people have never allowed themselves this experience. The sessions are online, phone or in person.

Coaching and Counselling

Through my coaching and counselling experience you will:

  • Identify and overcome the barriers holding you back from your ideal partner.

  • receive full support so you can achieve self-value, confidence in dating and relationship success.

  • experience a program, based on 20+ years’ experience including case studies, showing you what others have done to prepare, attract and sustain the relationship of their dreams.


Ready to experience the love you deserve?

Contact me now and allow me to help you find the partner you truly desire. 

I’m looking forward to helping you