Meditation for Anxiety

Reclaim Your Mind and Transform Your Life


Life can be tough.

You're constantly bombarded with obstacles and challenges that test your mental fortitude.

You suffer. Often in silence.

Because the battle exist in your own mind.


We carry our wounds around and suffer from them each day, without realising what exactly is happening. Every single person on this planet has experienced pain and suffering in one form or another. And it's up to you if you want to keep perpetuating that suffering or not.

My name is Frank and I have dedicated my life to helping people move past their suffering and live free of emotional wounds and traumas as a holistic counsellor. Now I want to share what I've learnt with you. We will deep dive into the techniques I've used to overcome my battles and ultimately led to my transformation. 


8 live online sessions for $195

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Master your life and reach your full potential

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Who is this course for:

  • Are you struggling with stress or anxiety?

  • Are you battling depression?

  • Are you looking for a way to reconnect with yourself?

  • Do you want to reach your full potential?

  • Do you want to reduce pain?


If you answer YES to any of the above, then join me for 8 live online sessions of intense training to rewire your mind and reconnect with your inner self. Learn how to calm your mind through meditation and attract abundance into your life with a positive mindset.

Meditation is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, boost your immune system, improve sleep, sharpen memory and attention, assist with weight loss and reduce the effects of aging.

Course begins on xxx. If you miss this date, you'll need to wait until the next intake.

Scientifically proven benefits of meditation:

  • Lower your stress levels

  • Reduce blood pressure

  • Release tension

  • Decrease anxiety

  • Reduce feelings of depression

  • Improve productivity and performance

  • Improve your memory

8 live online sessions for $195

Course begins xxx.

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You'll learn:

​⮞   What causes depression and anxiety

⮞   Alpha state

⮞   Mindset shift

⮞   Techniques to rebalance your emotions

⮞   Mind training to be in the present moment

⮞   The power of visualisations

⮞   Accupressure

⮞   Meditation techniques

Get down to the heart of what's holding you back from achieving your true potential and discover how to live your life with intention, meaning and purpose.


Wendy Gadsby
NLP Master Practitioner & Certified Practitioner of Hypnotherapy

The turnaround in my life since meeting Frank in a meditation class over 6 years ago is phenomenal. Within a reasonably short period of time, I realized I was on an unfulfilling corporate career path, stressed, in a relationship I shouldn’t have been in, and was pretty much just going through the motions of life. Wow how my life is now so different!


Julie Barca

I had one on one counselling sessions with Frank over several months. This was at a time when I had no direction and seemed quite lost. Frank helped me greatly, and my life has changed in positive ways since these sessions. The sessions were relaxed and informal, and I found it very easy to talk to him. He is great listener, and truly an inspiration to me. 

Just imagine...

✔   Less anxiety

✔   Less stress

✔   Less pain

✔   More focus

✔   More inner peace

If you're ready to transform your life for the better, I'll see you online.


Enrol before xxx and you'll also get instant access to:

  • 'Meditation for Beginners' e-book

  • Audio recording

  • Access to a private Facebook group


About Frank La Macchia

Frank is...

  • The founder of The Melbourne Inspiration Day 2017

  • A life coach

  • ​A holistic counsellor

  • The author of "Meditation for Beginners"

  • A wellbeing workshop facilitator

  • A public speaker

He has worked with people from all walks of life and provided training and workshops to individuals and in corporate settings.

Drawing on 20 years of experience in alternative therapies and creative arts, he openly shares his struggles with depression and the strategies he used to overcome the challenges he faced, so that you can also reclaim your life.