Overcome Anxiety and Depression

Whilst studying for a Diploma in Holistic Counselling, I was able to use the education to treat my own diagnosed anxiety and depression.  Not only did it help me deal with and eventually overcome my anxiety and depression, but after completion of my Diploma I confidently started helping others do the same. Now, I’m offering this program to you.


Something to consider,

Scientific evidence has discovered that thoughts affect our body chemistry. Positive or negative thoughts that you believe affect your emotions, which in turn create feelings of well-being and happiness or the OPPOSITE. When we think positive thoughts, we release positive chemicals into our body. When we think negative thoughts, we release negative chemicals into our body. Putting it more simply, strong negative emotions degenerate us and positive emotional states regenerate us. So, it would make a lot of sense to start paying attention to the way we think and communicate with ourselves. Do you agree?


 My one on one program will give you,

  • Five effective techniques for reducing anxiety, stress and depression

  • The mind/body links between excessive stress and anxiety – new scientific and psychological research

  • The answer to why your thinking process and beliefs have been the core of your emotions and unwanted behaviour

  • Techniques for overcoming performance anxiety

  • New ways to measure and increase your self-worth

  • Simple techniques to calm your mind and improve your wellbeing

  • The answers to why and how millions of people use these simple techniques

And much more,